The storied history of Jose Mourinho

The position of Manager of a particular soccer team is perhaps the most important role on the team itself. As manager – otherwise known as head coach – you are directly responsible to the chairperson as well as the owner of the team. If the team is not performing up to standard, then it is on your shoulders to make them better or to leave. In order to effectively manage a team, the manager has to basically be the general for a bunch of troops on the soccer pitch. They have to have complete and full control of what is happening on the team. And like a general in an army, the managers of a team must use the tools and men they have to the best of their abilities. They select which players will go out onto the pitch to play, and what their formation will look like.

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They plan and organize the strategy the players should use when going for a goal. The managers also have to motivate the players to win – perhaps the most important role that the manager has.

They also have to delegate to the lower coaches as well as to the medical staff when things get a bit messy. On top of all of this, they have to scout for new players, as well as buy and sell the ones they have on their team. This is all in addition to being the face of the team and speaking to the media about where the team is headed during pre and post-game interviews. That certainly is a whole lot of pressure!


It takes a certain type of person to be able to be a general manager of a professional soccer team. They have to be strong, they have to be talented, and most importantly of all, they have to be smart strategizers. And that is why Jose Mourinho is the best that there is in the game right now.

Born in Portugal, Jose Mourinho always wanted to be a soccer player. However, life’s twists and turns always kept that dream away from him. But through hard work and perseverance, he was able to become the reason that we all know Inter Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and so many more. He is also as much of a character on the sidelines of the field as any one of his players on the pitch, so much so that he has gotten into heaps of trouble with both sporting and legal authorities because of it.

This is the story of a man who would not let life keep him down, and who always managed to find a way forward when life tried to kick him down. The life of Jose Mourinho should serve as an inspiration to anyone trying to make it big, and for anyone looking for a way to grow.

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