Iconic sportscaster Warner Wolf receives a mysterious text one evening, and his life gets turned upside down

We all like to be appreciated in life. Whether or not we want to admit it, it’s nice when people acknowledge all of the hard work that you’ve put into something – especially when it’s something you’re particularly passionate about. The thing is, no one wants to come out of the woodworks and demand that people recognize their greatness. No one wants to come out and say, “Hey guys… remember me? Remember all of my accomplishments?” If anyone did that, people would think that he or she was seeking attention, and even if that person actually deserved the recognition, they’d certainly lose points in the public eye based on how they sought it out. But that fact of matter is, sometimes people need that type of love. And it’s important that we give it to them. Warner Wolf, the 80-year-old legendary sportscaster, recently received that love. And he never saw it coming.

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These days, Warner Wolf is keeping a pretty low profile. He doesn’t have time to be doing nightly broadcasts like he once did, and who knows if he even has the capability of doing that? In addition, it could be that his style of delivery and broadcasting talents may not be exactly what the various networks of the modern era are looking for. Sports networks are certainly aware of how iconic he is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are pining to have them as their star. Living out in Florida currently, Wolf does do the occasional fill in broadcast, but talking on camera isn’t something that he does as consistently as he once did.


Warner Wolf is just doing his thing, broadcasting, golfing, attending college courses – you know, standard activities for a man of his age. But regardless of what he’s doing, he certainly isn’t as well known as he once was. He probably knows how much he meant to the people of his era, but there was definitely a drawback that occurred in his popularity from the current generations. But that all changed when he received a mysterious text one evening is his home in Naples, Florida.

The text urged him to watch a certain scene on a modern television drama show that he’d never heard of in his lifetime – This Is Us. Where did this show come from, and why was it so important that he watch it? The more he found out, the more intrigued he got, and very soon, he was receiving a lot more messages telling him to do the same thing.

The thing is, he was okay with keeping under the radar. He didn’t need people to come out and say, “We love you, Warner!” He’s a humble man, and he was grateful for what he had. But just because someone doesn’t need appreciation, or ask for it – that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t give it to them.

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