The most cheerful sports fans in the world

If there is one thing that live sports offers that you just don’t get from sitting at home watching the game, it is the atmosphere. Without that, people wouldn’t pay thousands of dollars per year to follow and support their teams through thick and thin. The reason for that atmosphere is undoubtedly the fans, they can help make the players perform, they are the inspiration behind the team talks, and they help to pay the player’s wages.

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Playing in front of a packed out arena can raise some players from just good players to truly great, they can deal with the pressure that comes with being at the top of their game when all eyes are on them. Stadiums and arenas pack thousands upon thousands of fans inside, and they all come in different shapes and sizes. We are taking a look at some of the most beautiful fans to enter their team’s arena, cheering on their players and hoping to inspire them to victory.

A fan is defined as someone who has a passionate devotion to something or someone, and many sports fans are among the most enthusiastic people in the world. They will follow their team to all four corners of the planet if they need to, making sure their team has a voice when playing in another team’s arena.


The visiting fans are often the loudest as they have to sing and chant during the entire game to try and drown out the noise of the home fans who normally greatly outnumber them. Some sports gather teams from across the planet, all converging in one place making it like a festival. Tournaments such as the soccer World Cup bring together teams from across the world to battle it out to see who can be crowned the champion. As well as the soccer players, many of the citizens from the participating countries also travel to wherever the World Cup is being hosted to cheer and support their countrymen.

That means that some of the most beautiful people from across the world are all gathered in the one place, while passionately showing their support by painting their faces, bodies and wearing whatever they can to help inspire their team to victory. Often that means they will wear the traditional garments of their country and other times it’ll just be something bright and eye-catching.

Sports is essentially like live theatre, but with a bit of tribalism thrown in. Sport can often divide people, as they are unwilling to concede that their team isn’t better than any others. It awakens a passion inside some who are otherwise pretty reserved people. When fans are supporting their team, anything goes and they are willing to do whatever they can to help their team out when it comes to matchday. Usually that means gathering thousands of supporters in one space to sing and cheer on their heroes. We are looking at the most beautiful sports fans among those people.

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