Paulina Gretzky’s Instagram photos show she’s so much more than Wayne Gretzky’s daughter

Can you imagine growing up under the roof of a legendary hockey player such as Wayne Gretzky? If there’s one universal truth of this world that cannot be denied, it’s that we all grow up with our own different backgrounds. This may sound like something obvious to acknowledge, but you’d be surprised how often people turn a blind eye to this very simple fact. Take Paulina Gretzky, for example: Her father was none other than Wayne Gretzky, who some have labeled as the “greatest hockey player of all time,” and those who don’t say that agree that he’s one of the best. So much of who Paulina is is thanks to him, and after seeing her stunning Instagram photos – we’d like to extend our thanks to Wayne as well.

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Of course, as good in the hockey rink as Wayne is, it would be wrong of us to give all of the credit to him, when talking about his amazing daughter that everyone seems to love so much. We also should be giving a lot of the credit to her mother, Wayne’s wife, actress Janet Jones. And, of course, there’s the young lady herself – Paulina, the one with the Instagram account that people can’t seem to get enough off. She may have grown up in the spotlight, but it wouldn’t be fair to say that he hasn’t held her as an independent success in the world of entertainment. But what exactly has she done?


Wel friends, that is an excellent question. Aside from being an excellent and experienced Instagram poster, Paulina Gretzky is also a singer. In fact, she started her music career in 2003 when she performed a cover of the Sarah McLaughlin song “I Will Remember You” at the Heritage Classic event. She would also release a song of her own a few years later, called “Collecting Dust,” and the tune was successful enough that it appeared on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, an MTV reality show. But although it seemed promising at the time, her music career was short lived. Still, she preserved, and went on to another form of entertainment – modeling.

In 2005, she started modeling for a magazine called Flare, and it was then that she really started to make a name for herself. However, there was still ample room for her to grow, and by 2013 she found herself acting as well, appearing in the comedy film Grown Ups 2. At that point, she had became so popular among men in particular that she was voted by Askmen magazine as number 59th on their list of most desirable women in the world. When you consider that, you may understand what we mean when we say that Paulina’s Instagram pictures are the kind that cannot be missed.

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