20 Bizarre moments of the World Cup

If you are a soccer fan, then you are likely counting down the days until the World Cup kicks off this year in Russia. Many people watch the international tournament dreaming that their country can win the entire competition, crowning themselves world champions. Although the World Cup features the best players in the world, there are still some moments that can only be described as bizarre. Sure, there are some incredible displays of skill and a strong desire to win, but these are things we expect of famous sportsmen and women. We have looked through some of the biggest moments throughout the history of the World Cup and picked out the most bizarre of them. These are the incidents that have left teammates, match officials, the crowds, and the viewers at home all wondering what on Earth is going on.

The pressure on the players at the World Cup is immense. The hopes of their entire nation rest on their shoulders, which can cause some people to crack under all of that strain. Others use the pressure to make them play better. We are looking at the moments where these players have done the unexpected and confused the world with their antics. Live sport can throw up all kinds of unforeseen scenarios, so if you enjoy seeing the strange side of soccer, then you’ll love these bizarre World Cup moments.
[post_page_title]Kuwait players walk off – Spain, 1982[/post_page_title]
In soccer, there is a phrase that many players are taught when they are young children, “Play to the whistle.” This means you don’t stop playing until the whistle blows; even if you believe the game should be paused, only the referee has that power. During the 1982 World Cup in Spain, Kuwait were playing against France when, incredibly, the Kuwait defense just stopped. Kuwait thought they had heard a whistle, but the referee had not blown it. France went on to score a goal, which the referee allowed. Kuwait’s players were convinced they heard a whistle from the referee, and, under instruction from Kuwaiti government officials in the crowd, just walked off the pitch in protest.

Kuwait players walk off – Spain, 1982

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