20 greatest upsets in World Cup history

In the world of sports, there are winners and losers, it’s just how it goes. For one team to win, the other has to lose and go home. While some teams are more used to winning, or losing, there may come a time when the tables are turned, and the underdogs pull off an upset victory. That has happened several times at the World Cup, when the entire world is tuned in and watching. There have been occasions when former champions no longer have the fight left in them to succeed. Some of the less-fancied teams can win through sheer determination, they will soak up all that their great opponents throw at them before going to the other end of the field and scoring the crucial winning goal.

While most soccer players are professionals these days, there have been times at the World Cup when amateur players have prevailed over fully-fledged professional athletes. These victories go to show that even though talent is important, attitude, determination, and heart, are sometimes just as, if not more, important. In a win or lose situation, one party is always going to end up disappointed, but usually it is the favored team who comes out on top. Thankfully, throughout history, there have been many occasions where the underdogs have managed to cause an upset on the grandest stage in soccer. If you are hoping to witness an upset or two in the upcoming World Cup in Russia, then let’s refresh your memory of the greatest upsets in World Cup history as a teaser.
[post_page_title]Senegal 1-0 France, Japan/S.Korea 2002[/post_page_title]
France had won the previous World Cup, and two years before they were to defend their crown in 2002 they won the European Championships. They were much fancied to go all the way again when the World Cup was held in Japan and South Korea. In their opening game of the 2002 tournament they faced Senegal, a team that few soccer fans knew much about. Senegal began the game with great intent, and soon it became apparent they were willing to put up a hard fight against the current world champions. After just 30 minutes, Papa Bouba Diop put Senegal in the lead. They managed to hang on to secure an incredible victory.

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