20 Players with most World Cup appearances

Every four years the elite soccer nations in the world gather to see which of them can be crowned champions. The World Cup is being held in Russia this year, and many soccer fans are eagerly awaiting the tournament kicking off. Legends are created during this tournament, as some players rise to the occasion and carry their country through to victory. Being called up to your national team for a World Cup is seen as an honor for most soccer players. If you are called up to the World Cup team more than once then you are likely a key player…

Some of the best players in history have had to miss out on making any appearances at the World Cup because their country has not been able to qualify for the tournament. Other soccer players have been lucky enough to have been born in a country that excels at playing soccer, and have had the opportunity to go to several World Cups. We have gone through the history books to see which soccer players have made the most appearances at the tournament. If you’re a big soccer fan then maybe you could have a go at guessing which stars made the list of players with the most ever appearances at the World Cup.
[post_page_title]Dunga, Brazil – 18[/post_page_title]
Brazilian midfielder Dunga managed 18 appearances in just three World Cups. That meant that each time he went to the tournament with Brazil they got pretty far, including winning the international competition in 1994. Dunga was a key player for the attack-minded Brazil; he was responsible for protecting his defenders, as the rest of his teammates tried to work their magic in the opposition’s half of the field. His style was to tackle hard, relying on his anticipation to predict how he could break up the opponent’s plays. He was thought of in high regard in his native Brazil, and after he retired from playing was given the responsibility of coaching the national team.

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