The 21 Greatest Moments in Sports History

Sports have a way of bringing people together in incredible ways. We all stay glued to the screens, in anticipation of what’s to come. We gather with friends and family to enjoy the entertainment that can only be generated by watching a live event, with no definitive outcome in sight.
These are the moments we all cherish. And while for the most part, we have a sense of what we could see on take place, every so often we all get a chance to witness history unfold in front of our eyes. These are the types of moments we all wait for. The unpredictability of the game, and the rise and fall of some of the best athletes the world has ever seen.

Some of these moments became great, simply due to their near impossible nature. While others had impacts that went even beyond the game itself, influencing various global and cultural factors. In any case, every event that has made it onto this list, is far and away greater than the norm, and has earned its spot as one of the top 21 moments in the history of sports.
So sit back, and enjoy Sports Retriever’s compilation of the greatest moments in sports history.
[post_page_title]Super Bowl LI[/post_page_title]
This game had it all. Prior to the game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, most people viewed the Patriots as big favorites. But the Falcons came out strong, dominating the game on their way to a 28-3 lead. But Tom Brady had different plans, engineering the greatest comeback on the Super Bowl stage, winning the game 34–28 in overtime. It ended up as the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, and also was the first SB to ever go to overtime. Brady ended up securing his fifth Super Bowl ring, becoming the first quarterback to achieve the feat.

Super Bowl LI

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