The 30 best and funniest customized jerseys

If you’re a sports fan, odds are you’ve purchased a jersey or t-shirt for your favorite team or teams over the years. Whether it be a championship commemoration t-shirt or an autographed jersey of your favorite player, they’re somewhere to be found in your closet or hung on your wall in a fram. But if you’re really a diehard fan, there’s a big chance that at some point you probably custom ordered one with your name on the back.

The best part of some of these jerseys is that you can order one that is customized for you and is truly unique. And let us tell you, some of these fans definitely got creative with their ideas and some are NSFW. These 30 people or couples either ordered or altered the ultimate jerseys, some are funny, some are questionable, and some really make you wonder what in the world were they thinking when they hit the purchase button??
From bold statements worn at Texas Rangers games, to an at-home customized jersey that took a stab at Carmelo Anthony while embracing the Jeremy Lin sensational period. From getting back at athletes who decided to leave their current teams in search of glory elsewhere or a better paycheck to commemorating the number of championships your team has already had and making fun of a player’s worst stat line that he or she may or may not even deserve in the long run. Some of these are even based on movies and TV shows.
These jerseys may have not been made for the sole purpose of making us laugh but boy they really have us rolling not the floor or scratching our heads in confusion.
Here are the 30 funniest jerseys that people actually wore in public and we thank you for it.
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Can we order these anywhere? This couple is doing custom made jerseys the right way. The only thing that would have made these jerseys even better is if they were Brooklyn Nets jerseys, who at one point were partially owned by Jay Z, the man who gave this couple the opportunity to make these jerseys. But seriously, these jerseys are pure genius, where can we order those from?

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