A look inside Paris Hilton's impressive mansion

The 2000’s were truly Paris Hilton’s time to shine. It seemed impossible to escape her back then – her face was everywhere. Although she’s quietened down with the publicity in the years since, she’s still the same Paris living the life we wish we had. With enough cash to splash around, the heiress can pretty much afford whatever she wants, especially when it comes to her home. She doesn’t do things by halves, and one look at her mansion makes that very clear. Fancy taking a look inside?
[post_page_title]Pioneer of the ‘00s[/post_page_title]
Reality TV is everywhere nowadays, but if it weren’t for pioneers like Paris Hilton, it probably wouldn’t be nearly as popular.

She brought the format to the attention of millions in the mid-’00s with her show “The Simple Life,” and the rest, as they say, is history. Already swimming in riches thanks to the Hilton name, Paris became one of the biggest celebrities in the world, and she exploited it for all it was worth. You can be sure she spared no expense when it came to living in comfort.

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