Real life current and past romances of your favorite action stars

Let’s face it: we’ve all had our fair share of movie crushes over the years. Whether it was pinning their posters on the wall of our bedrooms or being the first in line to buy tickets to their new films, there is a movie star out there for everyone. Take your pick: whether falling for Leonardo DiCaprio as he won over Rose’s heart in Titanic, drooling over Robert Pattinson in the Twilight, or wanting to make Drew Barrymore your girlfriend after she took care of E.T., we’ve all fantasized about being swept off our feet by our Hollywood heartthrob.
Sadly, we’re still sitting here waiting for them to burst through the door any moment now – perhaps we accidentally locked it? Back in the ‘30s when Hollywood was still in its earliest stages, there were a number of movies making their way onto the big screen that all shared one goal: to become the next best thing.

However, when it came to action movies there was never an audience; the most popular films were horrors, musicals, comedies, and gangster movies. Over the years the popularity of a good action film has grown phenomenally as they now dominate over 30% of the movie market. In fact, action movies are the only genre of film that has continued to grow in popularity over the years as everything else has gone through peaks and dips. Over the years we have been rewarded with some movie classics, such as The Dark Knight, Gladiator, Die Hard, and Terminator, but with each new movie comes a whole new selection of actors making a name for themselves in Hollywood.
With some of the most famous names in acting having made their names in action movies, it is easy to lose hours to thinking about what life could be like as Mrs. Johnson or Mr. Lawrence. Sadly we have some news: these actors normally don’t wait around for us to make an appearance as we once dreamed. In fact, they actually live their own lives (shocking), which include a number of relationships – even marriages! I know, this is all hard to take. Among their various trysts, there have been plenty of secret relationships, as well as many illicit affairs, but just who has been seen dating whom? And who did these famous faces decide to settle down with?
[post_page_title]Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock[/post_page_title]
Kelly was the woman for whom Steven divorced his first wife, Miyako Fujitani, after the two began an affair. While they were together for a number of years, they didn’t walk down the aisle until 1987, a few months after their daughter, Annaliza, was born. Over the next few years the couple welcomed two more children, Dominic and Arissa, but the relationship came to an end in 1994. The pair had a bitter and public divorce, and have since gone their separate ways.

Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock

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