Allison Stokke was an online sensation, but it turned her life upside down

[post_page_title]The infamous photo[/post_page_title]
Life was going incredibly well for the young sports star. However, her perfect life took an unexpected turn in 2007, when she was photographed at a pole vaulting event.
The then-17-year-old was patiently waiting her turn in a competition when an innocent bystander took a photo of her. The photograph was published on the internet and re-published onto a blog called With Leather which posts photos of young women for an all-male clientele. This photo would soon change Allison Stokke’s life.
[post_page_title]An internet sensation[/post_page_title]
The blog in question had a pretty dodgy reputation and re-posted her photograph with a seedy and demeaning caption, which had nothing to do with her sport or incredible talent.
However, this photograph was having a disastrous effect on the young woman’s life, as it was becoming a viral sensation across multiple media platforms. After seeing the effect it was having on the young sports star, the original photographer approached the website and threatened to sue them if they didn’t remove the photograph… but it was too late. The internet now had the photograph.

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