Always the bridesmaids: these NBA legends never won a ring

Not everyone can become an NBA champion, it took LeBron James nearly a decade to win his first ring and Michael Jordan only won one during his seventh season in the league. In fact, we recently had to take a specific player off this article, Kevin Durant, who finally won an NBA Championship this season. But eventually all three of them won a ring, and at least two continued winning rings (we’re waiting for you to win more KD), so there is no place for them on this list.

Instead, we’d like to focus on those greats who entertained us for years but never managed to win it all. A lot of these guys are legends, some of them have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame, so it’s hard to believe that they don’t have a ring in their trophy case. But as heartbreaking and disappointing as it is, it’s true.
If you’re an NBA fan, you probably already know who is on this list. If you don’t follow basketball religiously, you’re in for a ride. All of these guys are household names, all of them should have won a ring. But unfortunately there can only be one team a year, and many of these guys faced one another, becoming the barrier to greatness.
For some of the guys, like Chris Mullins, Tracy McGrady and Tim Hardaway, it will never happen. For others on this list, like Chris Paul and James Harden, there are still plenty of years in the league and will to fight to one day win it all and get a chance to hoist the coveted trophy.
One thing is for sure, even though these guys are ring-less, they’re definitely not irrelevant. Here they are, the greatest NBA players to never win a ring:
Not everyone can become an NBA champion, it even took LeBron James nearly a decade to win his first ring. In fact, some of the greatest to ever play the game either retired without ever conquering a title, or are still fighting for a chance to win it all. But does remaining ringless make you irrelevant? Take a look at this list and let us know.
[post_page_title]Chris Paul[/post_page_title]
Chris Paul is an all around player, averaging 18.7 points, 9.9 assists and 4.4 rebounds for his career. Since he was traded to the Clippers, LA has been to the postseason every season, winning at least 50 games during five of those years (the only season they didn’t was the shortened lockout season). So with all these playoff appearances, and Paul’s selfless play, it’s surprising to hear that CP3 has never been able to lead his teams past the Western Conference semis, let along win a ring.

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