Sport psychologists’ secret tips for success on and off the court

When it comes to being successful in life, there are various factors that must come together in order to achieve desired results. It’s not enough to simply be talented. The competition is as fierce as it has ever been, and it’s often the little things that separate the great ones from the rest of the field.

It’s no secret that some of the most talented prospects in any sport (or other field for that matter), have failed to reach their potential. Whether it was because of mistakes made on or off the field, they simply lacked something other their natural abilities, which held them back from being truly great.

Sport psychologists’ secret tips for success on and off the court

On the other side of that spectrum are athletes who were not considered nearly as talented as some of their counterparts. But they were able to overcome their supposed deficiencies and ultimately reached the top of their respective sports.

Just as the body itself needs to be in the best possible shape, a player’s mind could be just as critical to his or her success. For this reason, many sports teams make sure to hire sports psychologists to help their players get their ff right. Here are some of the tips they offer, which can also be applied for anyone else looking to improve their life.

3. Be a team player

The NBA is a team sport. It doesn’t matter how great a single player is, it’s impossible to win a championship without the sum of all parts. Cooperation is key on the court, but it is almost equally as important off the court as well. If a player feels that his teammates have his back, he will put his best effort each night for them. It helps to build comradery and a bond that has so much of an impact on the team’s performance.

Similarly, even in a business context, it’s important that all components and departments of a company work together, in order to achieve greatness. A positive work environment, in which employees help each other out, is much more likely to yield success than an environment with animosity and bad vibes.

2. Breathing exercises

All athletes need to be in the best possible shape to perform well on the court. But breathing is often something that gets overlooked. When a player takes the time to notice his breathing habits, it can go a long way in improving their focus and calmness during high pressure moments.

Sport psychologists’ secret tips for success on and off the court

This is an important lesson for anyone in any facet of life. Whether in your professional or personal life, certain events can create stress and pressure that modifies breathing patterns. Most people don’t notice these changes and habits, but it’s important to realize that breathing properly and deeply can change a person’s state from stress to peace and calm rather quickly. Being in a peaceful state is when the best decisions are made, ultimately leading to better results.

1. Focus on the process, not the outcome

Practice makes perfect. We’ve all heard that saying before. And it holds a lot of truth in many areas of life. When it comes to the NBA, many players are very talented. But it’s the ones who work to hone their skills, who can end up separating themselves from the rest. By working with the trainers to become stronger and faster, as well as improving their technical skills, they could reach their potential much easier.

Players who are notorious for working hard off the court and in practice, eventually can be seen improving their performances in live games. So rather than being focused on how many points they’re scoring each night, they should focus on improving their shooting form, as well as other fundamentals that can make all the difference.

Sport psychologists’ secret tips for success on and off the court