Celebs who played college football

Life is full of twists and turns. We like to plan, but a lot of the time our plans don’t usually pan out. This is often how we get people who go on to change the world. For example, these celebrities all played college football, before quitting to become best in the world at something else.
[post_page_title]Tommy Lee Jones[/post_page_title]
It turns out that Tommy Lee Jones was a football player during his days studying at Harvard. He was an offensive guard and even made it into the all-league team in the 1960s. By the way, it turns out that he was roommates with Al Gore (we wonder if Gore was a clean roommate). One of the major games Jones played in was when his undefeated Harvard team went up against the undefeated Yale team. The teams ended the game with a historic tie.

Tommy Lee Jones

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