College football teams that produced the most future Super Bowl winners

How well do you know your college football history? Would you say that you can tell us who the winningest colleges of all time are? If you can, we’ll consider you to be a true expert. But here’s a list that we’re unsure if you could crack. Can you tell us which colleges produced the most future Super Bowl winners? You could probably list us a bunch of players that have won Super Bowls, but chance are you’d have a hard time knowing which college football team contributed the most to that cause. There’s a reason we find this important, and it’s not the reason you might think.

There are many different kinds of mentors. There are kinds that generate short term results, and kinds that bring out long term results. There are college coaching staffs whose influence can be heard in a flashy way right off the bat, and coaching staffs who are a lot more subtle in their approach. Why is it that some colleges produce more “Super Bowl caliber” players? Maybe it’s because they care less about the collegiate success of a player, and more about cultivating lessons that will help them succeed on a more professional level.
College programs that value the big picture over instant gratification. And maybe, just maybe, these are the colleges we should be commending over all others.
[post_page_title]20. Stanford[/post_page_title]
The Stanford football team is cold hard proof that the Bay Area isn’t only known for their innovative tech culture and the new age Golden State Warriors. They’ve been churning out some pretty top notch players for years now, one of them being a well known quarterback by the name of John Elway. Richard Sherman and Jim Plunkett were also players that went to Stanford when they were younger, and as we know, all three of them won Super Bowls.

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