Eat like LeBron James

LeBron James has been destroying the NBA for over a decade and has been the league’s MVP four times already. There is no question that King James has put in the time in the gym, and on the practice court, but is there a secret behind his success? To keep in top shape James follows his own unique eating regime, and now you can eat like the three-time NBA champion.

16 seasons strong

James is 33 but remains the main man on the court. A lot of the credit for that goes to his workout regime, but a huge part of staying healthy is about the right diet. James makes sure he eats the right foods at the right time, but he isn’t afraid to cut loose during the offseason. One of his favorite breakfasts of all time is Fruity Pebbles, but he only saves that for special occasions. James loves the colorful cereal so much he even has a range of sneakers designed in his name dedicated to them.

Eat like LeBron James

The serious stuff

When he’s in training James stay away from sugary treats, getting his sweetness from naturally sweet foods like fruit smoothies instead. James believes that sugar slows down his recovery time between games. He is especially keen to stay off the sugar in the postseason. James says whoever recovers the fastest during that period puts themselves in a position to be successful.
His meals will typically involve lean meats and some carbs to get him through the grueling schedule. Chicken is a favorite of James’, and he often has green beans with salad on the side. To stay eating well without loading up on carbs James substitutes pasta for fruit to go alongside his grilled chicken.

Eat like LeBron James

How he unwinds

It isn’t all about sticking to a rigid diet for King James and when he isn’t playing he is definitely eating! The Lakers star loves lobster, and if he isn’t eating it with steak then he’s throwing it in salad while on vacation. James has a sweet tooth, and when he’s not getting enough of his favorite Fruity Pebbles, he goes big on dessert. The NBA star compared himself to swimming icon Michael Phelps after admitting he loves nothing more than chowing down on a pizza.
He did say that as much as he loves them, he has to wait until after he’s played a game before he treats himself to one. One of his biggest loves is a bottle of wine, or two, and he often shares what he’s drinking with his social media followers. James earns a lot of money thanks to his huge salary, and he puts some of those millions to good use. He has been known to spend over $500 per bottle while enjoying a drink or two.

Eat like LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the best players to ever star in the NBA, and he has been at the top for 16 years. While some of his eating habits might not be what you expect from an elite athlete, clearly they work well for him as his three NBA titles show.

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