Inside the home where OJ Simpson lives now

Former running back for the Buffalo Bills, OJ Simpson once had the world at his feet, but it all came crumbling down in 1994. After he retired from playing Simpson was accused of fatally attacking his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman outside her home in Brentwood, California. Simpson went on trial but was acquitted before getting on the wrong side of the law following an armed robbery and kidnapping. OJ spent nine years in jail, but the former football star is back out and in a new home.

MVP on trial

OJ Simpson was an all-time football great and was voted the MVP in 1973. Simpson was a respected member of the football community, and after being inducted into the Hall of Fame he became a broadcaster.

He fell from grace following a fatal assault on both his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman in Simpson’s house. Simpson was the suspect of that crime but was acquitted at trial. Jail became home to Simpson for nine years following a robbery charge, but he’s back out in a new house.

Home, once upon a time

This is the place OJ Simpson called home for a while before he was accused with taking the life of his ex-wife and her friend. Simpson was one of the most recognizable people in the country and with that fame came plenty of money.

He used that money to buy himself a beautiful home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The football star might not have been making the money pro footballers make nowadays, but his salary still afforded him this secluded mansion.

Living room

This is the living room of Simpson’s house at the time he was on trial. His entire home was a scene of investigation, and he was forced to stay away during the police investigation.

Simpson was free to return home following his acquittal at a trial, but even though he spent some time here, it still held many bad memories for him. A comfortable looking TV room, Simpson would be able to kick back and watch the football when he wasn’t calling the games.

Dressing by the fire

After his acquittal, Simpson took TV cameras on a walk through his home to detail elements of the police investigation and to further protest his innocence, despite being found not guilty.

This room is styled very much like you might find a Hollywood actress’ dressing room, with lights illuminating a mirror. If the person getting dressed in this room began to feel a chill they could turn on the fire and warm up the entire room.


Simpson led the TV cameras into his property through his front gate and up this driveway. There was room for at least two cars in the garage, plus plenty more space for a fleet of vehicles on the drive.

It is a grand entrance to a property just off a residential road in Los Angeles, giving Simpson some peace and quiet from the noise coming from the street. The property was so private that neighbors wouldn’t be able to hear any possible domestic trouble, if it had occurred.

Hall and stairs

Simpson’s home appeared to be pretty much like many other homes in America, cozy and a nice place to live. Although the walls are mainly bare, they are jazzed up by the occasional piece of furniture or artwork.

In most properties, the first thing you see when walking in the door are the stairs and this room looks like it could be a greeting area. The hallway leaves the house open, meaning that those living here could stay in contact without shutting themselves off from each other.

Family room

The family room continues the theme of openness around the house. There was plenty of space here for friends and family to come over and interact with each other.

Much of the downstairs living areas were kept plain and white, meaning there were fewer distractions on the walls to allow people to focus on what they were doing. Not only did the Simpson house come with white walls but also white furniture, to keep the room as bright as possible as there didn’t appear to be any windows.


This is the front door to OJ Simpson’s house, and here he is guiding TV cameras around his home. There isn’t too much going on in this area of the house, but to freshen things up, a green potted plant was added.

A small piece of artwork hung on the wall, drawing in your eye. Perhaps the art was small to make sure that people took the time to stop, focus, and think about it as they entered the Simpson home.

Games room

Simpson was a natural competitor, so it makes sense that there was a games room to give him the opportunity to compete against his friends. He had retired from playing so he wasn’t going to take his friends out in the yard and play full contact football.

The pool table would allow Simpson to still have the thrill of competition but played at a more laid-back pace. The room was filled with memorabilia from his playing days, a reminder of how far he’d come from the start of his career.

Keep out

The home OJ Simpson used to live in came with high gates to keep strangers away as best as possible. While it wasn’t impossible to jump the barrier, it was at least a deterrent. It’s meant to keep criminals and possible burglars away, something that many people hope to do.

You can see where the driveway leads up to the double garage, and then the house. It wasn’t a million miles away from the road, but far enough to feel secluded.

Demolition job

Simpson was forced to sell the Brentwood house two years after his trial. He was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the Goldman and Brown families in a civil court case which pretty much bankrupted him.

The home was bought for $4 million and quickly demolished by the new owners to remove the bad memories associated with the property. Simpson had spent 20 years living in that Los Angeles house, but the time had come for him to move on with his life.

A home away from home

OJ Simpson would find himself a new home after not too long. Following the trial, Simpson had several run-ins with the law, and in 2007 he was found guilty of committing armed robbery and kidnapping.

Simpson said he was a trying to retrieve sporting memorabilia that had been stolen from him originally and after being found guilty he was sentenced to 33 years in prison. This was his prison cell while he resided in the Clark County Detention Center before he was released after nine years.

5,000 square-foot mansion

Following his release from prison in 2017, Simpson found himself in an impressive Las Vegas Mansion. The former football star seemed to have landed on his feet, following his parole nine years into a 33-year sentence.

This is Simpson’s $1.8 million, 5,000 square-foot Vegas mansion where he can enjoy a luxurious retirement. Not all ex-convicts are able to land on their feet quite as well as Simpson has. Despite almost going bankrupt, Simpson had enough left in the bank to set him up for the rest of his life.

Luxurious property

The luxurious property that Simpson finds himself in comes with five bedrooms and even a small putting green in his backyard. Simpson is able to practice his putting technique for when he steps onto the golf course for real.

He might have spent the better part of a decade cooped up behind bars, but following that jail time, he found a place where he could stretch out. Prisons are well documented for being overcrowded, but here Simpson has all the space he could ever need.

Gated protection

Like his home in Brentwood, Simpson was living behind protective gates, and he could be sure to keep out any unwanted visitors.

There are many who believe Simpson is actually guilty of the crimes committed against his ex-wife and her friend, which brings a lot of attention to the former football player. The gates are necessary to prevent people coming to his house and trying to do any harm to him, perhaps trying to seek revenge for a crime they believe he did.

Trick or treat

Simpson doesn’t say no to all visitors though, and he was spotted enjoying Halloween with some trick or treat loving children.

They even stopped long enough to take selfies with the former superstar, while others managed to get him to sign a football. Although he might be living a much quieter life out of the spotlight, it seems as though OJ still has some fans. While he lives with gates protecting him, he let his guard down for the fall event.

Gated community

The entire cluster of properties that Simpson lives among are gated. He is probably the only member of his new community who is a former football star who became a criminal before trying to turn their lives around.

The gated community offers Simpson an extra sense of protection from strangers as every person living there can be on the lookout for strangers. There is only one road in, but it’s teardrop-shaped, so there is always a way out if Simpson is feeling threatened.

House with a view

It’s not just gated protection that Simpson gets from his fancy mansion, the ex-football player can enjoy overlooking a golf course.

Simpson has found a community that is perfect for him, and still allows him to have his freedom without the glare of the media following him. He can step out onto the course and ignore all of the negative publicity that follows him everywhere. Many people play golf to relax, and Simpson doesn’t even have to get in a car to enjoy some time on the course.

Golf course

The community that Simpson lives in actually owns this course, and it is private to all who reside there.

Simpson can remain active, and if his golf game is getting him down, he can always head to the tennis court and give that a try instead. While his new neighbors might not have time for Simpson following his time in prison, OJ can still get a game with his daughter Anelle who helped him move in.

Lounging by the pool

OJ Simpson moved into this property in 2017 but seems to keep the blinds closed to stop people having a look inside his home. If he does feel like venturing out of his house, he can enjoy time splashing about in the swimming pool.

The new home came equipped with a balcony for topping up his tan, and a barbeque for hosting family dinners with his children. Simpson could only dream of having a swimming pool to spend his days floating in while incarcerated.

Better than prison

Simpson can enjoy the glorious Vegas sunshine without having to return to his cell after an hour like he would have done in prison.

Adjusting to life on the outside can be hard for people coming out of the prison system, but Simpson has a property that allows him to keep to himself. One thing is for sure, this five bedroom mansion is a lot better than the tiny cell he had spent the last nine years crammed into.

Working on his game

As you can see, OJ has allowed himself to enjoy the perks of having a golf course in his backyard to the fullest, working on his putt game with heavy concentration.

With all that he’s been through over the years, we’re not surprised that he’s trying to concentrate on other things. You can tell in this picture how at peace he feels – or at the very least, how much he wants to put everything behind him. Having a golf course like that certainly helps.

Ready for a dip

When OJ is done swinging his golf club, it’s time for him to chill out by the pool. You can’t see it in its entirety in this picture, but you can tell that it’s certainly a refreshing treat.

Golf might not be a very rigorous sport, but Las Vegas is a pretty hot area, even in the winter days. More often than that, it is pool weather where OJ lives, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he was preparing to jump right in after he finishes checking his phone.

The Kendall house

Speaking of pools… we’d like to take you back a little bit, and show you yet another house that OJ resided in for a little while.

This was his house in Southern Florida, in a town called Kendall that is close to Miami. He doesn’t live there anymore, but you can certainly see that it was one fine piece of land. The pool is just magnificent, and that palm tree makes it look even more beautiful. People were certainly glad to get their hands on it when it was available.

Elegant beauty

Here’s another awesome angle of OJ’s former house in Kendall, this time with a view not only of the pool, but of the house, and a good chunk of the lawn as well.

Based on this picture, it seems as if this house isn’t as big as some of the others he’s had over the years, including his current home. But you know what they all say – less is more. While this may not always be true, it certainly speaks volumes here in a quaint and delicate sort of way.

Roll-in roundabout

As you can see, his Kendall house also has a pretty impressive looking driveway. We’d acknowledged that the size of the house isn’t necessarily that big, but that’s just the living quarters.

It’s clear that the size of land is still pretty large, from the large grassy area that isn’t shown here, to the unconventional large roundabout driveway that is prominently displayed in this picture. The structure is definitely inviting for guests, and many parties were probably had.

From the outside in

Just when you thought this house couldn’t surprise you any more than it already did, we now zoom further out to show you just how big this house is.

Again, the living quarters may be small, but the square foot area for OJ’s former Kendall home was quite large. It also looks equally impressive in that it has a gate. Regardless of how big a house is, whenever there is a gate involved, you know the owner means business.

Picture perfect

We’re now going return to the Brentwood house once more, because there are some precious pictures of that fateful house that we still haven’t shown you.

We all know how much tragic history exists within that house, and we know that it was demolished. For this reason, it’s even more fitting that we should appreciate how beautiful it looks in this picture, with the calm pool waters leading up the the rocky landing, and of course, the house itself.

Loyal fans

Another picture of the old Brentwood house, and if you needed any more proof about the crazy history that exists here, this should do it for you.

This is because his gate was bombarded with staunch supporters of the former NFL star – and it’s clear that they believe that he was innocent the whole time. Their signs express their loyal support for him, and their love as well. But as we know, there were certainly two sides to this equation.

At face value

We love this picture of the house because it’s as simple as can be. When you first walk up to a house, you’re not necessarily taking everything in at once.

In order to take the full tour, you have to walk around a considerable amount. But this picture displays fervently how the house appears when you first walk up the driveway. No bells and whistles, just a simple beautiful house. It appears wholesome on the surface, however history may say otherwise.

Bird’s eye view

The classic zoom out of the Brentwood house. Indeed, it wouldn’t be a proper introspection of his former Los Angeles home if we didn’t catch it from a bird’s eye view.

We can practically see everything here, and although not much of it is distinctive, there is an vibe and tone that reflects on the intense events that took place here. Just from looking at this picture, you can feel a wide array of emotions, trials, and tribulations.