Inside Dr. Phil’s mansion

Within just a few short years, Dr. Phil had become one of the best television psychologists in the world, and this later spurned the creation of his very own show. Now, everyone knows his name. But does everyone know what his life is really like? After years in the limelight, he has an impressive wealth to his name, and therefore he is able to afford some pretty luxurious things – such as exquisite properties. This is what it’s like inside Dr. Phil’s mansion.
[post_page_title]The life of Phil[/post_page_title]
Dr. Phil is one of the most famous names in the world. Everyone knows his name, everyone knows his face, and everyone knows his show – even if they haven’t watched it themselves!

Because we’re so used to seeing him on our screens, it’s difficult to think of his life off-camera. With his wife, Robin, by his side, Dr. Phil lives a life of luxury in Beverly Hills. But what is his home life really like? Well, he’s had some pretty impressive properties over the years, and we’ve now got a sneak peek inside.

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