The untold story of André the Giant

Wrestling is one of the most popular sports in the world because it is not only a sport, it is also entertainment! Over the years, WWE has introduced us to some of the most dramatic and intense storylines that include some of the greatest wrestlers in history. We have watched Hulk Hogan do his thing in the ring, we have marveled over The Undertaker, we have swooned over Dwayne Johnson, and we have watched in awe as André the Giant took center stage. But how much do you really know about André the Giant? Well, this French native was actually born André René Roussimoff, but is not giant thanks to hours in the gym or an impressive diet plan. Instead, this giant suffered from a disorder that affected his pituitary gland. Instead of releasing short bursts of growth hormone, André was inundated with the hormone, which made him grow taller, and larger than life.

At his tallest and heaviest, André weighed a whopping 520 lbs and stood at 7 foot 4 inches. Of course, this was a boon when it came to his wrestling career. He had the strength to overpower his opponents, he was tall enough to scare them, and his stature was one that could be seen by fans all across the stadium. In fact, he was able to score himself two major titles, including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and the WWF Tag Team Championship. However, it seems we only got half of the information about the life of André the Giant. While he was a talented wrestler, he was also a man who faced his own personal demons, in private. He suffered from chronic pain, he turned to self-medication, and he just couldn’t fit into society. Sadly, he passed away in 1993 – but we haven’t forgotten the legacy that he has left on the world. These are the hidden, riveting facts about André the Giant.
[post_page_title]His parents struggled to recognize him[/post_page_title]
By the time he was just a kid of 14, André had already grown above and beyond the other boys his age. He took this as a sign that he had outgrown his small little French town, so he decided to pack his bags and move away from the country and into the city. Amazingly, André did not return to his home or his family for a whopping five years – but his welcome home was not what he was expected. During his time in the city, André had grown so much and become so large even his own parents struggled to recognize him. He was well and truly a giant.

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