Ranking all 32 starting NFL Quarterbacks from worst to best

Ranking all 32 starting NFL Quarterbacks from worst to best

Quarterback is the most important position in all of sports. No other player can change the fate of a franchise as much as a quarterback. It’s why they are such valuable commodities. Often, teams use high draft picks to pick a quarterback, who is not nearly as talented as his draft stock suggests. But teams are willing to take that risk, because they understand that this is a position that you simply cannot afford to be weak.
Having a great quarterback can often mask a lot of deficiencies elsewhere on the roster. If a team has a bad defense and falls behind in games, an elite quarterback can lead them back into the game with infuriating determination.These guys are more than just players. They are leaders. They are captains of physical giants. And their teams’ success rest on their shoulders more often than not. A team with a top quarterback always has a chance. Every single year.
Conversely, a team can have the most talented team in the entire league. But if they don’t have a great quarterback, they are facing an uphill battle. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Sports Retriever ranking of every starting NFL quarterback, from worst to best.
[post_page_title]Patrick Mahomes[/post_page_title]
If you want to look at his potential, perhaps Mahomes should be listed higher on this list. But with only one game under his belt from his rookie season, it’s very difficult to simply give him a pass for such an unproven quarterback.
Ranking all 32 starting NFL Quarterbacks from worst to best

It does speak volumes that the Chiefs were willing to let Alex Smith go in order to clear a path for Mahomes to take over the reigns for the team. Hopefully he is able to prove them right.

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