How much is everyone in the Royal Family worth?

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Being a royal must be nice. Millions of people know your name, you don’t have to work a regular job, and, best of all, you have a chance of becoming king or queen one day. Not bad right? Of course, not every royal is equal. Some are more likely to ascend to the throne than others, while their individual net worths differ wildly from person to person. Which member of the British Royal Family is the most valuable of them all? You might be surprised by the answer.
[post_page_title]Prince William, Duke of Cambridge[/post_page_title]
Starting off strong is the future King of England. Charles might be first in line to replace the Queen, but it won’t be long before his firstborn son reigns over the nation.
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

When he ascends to the throne, William will bring with him a healthy fortune of $40 million, though that figure may increase in the coming years. A large percentage of his net worth stems from his parents, with Diana leaving him $17 million in her will. Charles also provides William with money, giving his son a $4.6 million allowance.

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