Rules and laws the Royal Family doesn’t have to follow

Rules and laws the Royal Family doesn’t have to follow

Not only are the British Royal Family entitled to a life of rich opulence and grandeur, but apparently, they’re also above British law! That’s right – there’s a whole host of laws that certain members of the Royal Family are exempt from, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is one particular person who can basically do anything she wants without anyone batting an eyelid….
[post_page_title]Their cars can break the speed limit[/post_page_title]
The monarchy can’t exactly drive down the freeway doubling the speed limit just for the sake of it, but there are laws set in place that allow all royal transportation vehicles to speed if need be.
Their cars can break the speed limit

The reason for this is because royals are usually escorted by police vehicles, which themselves are also exempt. However, usually, this law is only broken in case of emergencies.

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