Sports that don’t require you to be in the best shape

The thing many people love about sport is not the athletic effort that goes into it, but the thrill of the competition and drama that goes with it. Not everyone is on a level playing field when it comes to fitness, but there are sports out there that don’t necessarily require its players to be athletes. These are some of the most competitive sports that don’t require you to be in shape to play.


Above pretty much all else, darts is a game of skill. Its players have to practice and train as much as any professional athlete. Darts players spend hours each day stood in front of the board throwing over and over again. There is an incredible amount of skill required and if you love the thrill of going head to head with an opponent then check darts out. The added bonus of darts is that you can even play it in the bar if you feel like having a drink or two while you compete.

Sports that don’t require you to be in the best shape

Pool or snooker

If focusing on throwing a single dart doesn’t seem hard enough for you then there is always the added difficulty of focusing on multiple objects. There is a lot of prize money available to the winners of pool and snooker competitions, so getting good at a more pedestrian sport still has its benefits. Being able to control the white ball is one thing, but the real skill comes in mapping out a path around the table to pot as many balls as possible without missing. The better you are, the fewer mistakes you make and the more in control of the entire table you are. Going out and beating someone in pool or snooker is a triumph as there is no denying you are the better player on that occasion.

Sports that don’t require you to be in the best shape


Curling is a sport that presents the ultimate challenge in judgment. Like in bowling, you have to hurl a heavy object down an alley toward a target. Unlike bowling the aim of the game is not to knock everything down at the end of the alley, but to have your stones remain as close to the center as possible. The goal of your opponent is to both knock your stones away, and to keep theirs in the middle. Judging the distance is important, but if you want to have a little bit of a workout then competitors must sweep the stones down the ice to better control their movement.


Golf is a sport that people of all levels of fitness can play. Sure it helps to be fitter in most sports, but the key to being good at golf is a higher level of skill than your competitors. The added benefit of playing golf is that you can get out in the fresh air and spend quality time with friends.

Sports that don’t require you to be in the best shape

These sports are all internationally recognized, don’t require a massive physical effort, and some are even contested at the Olympic Games. If you love competition but aren’t athletic, give these sports a try.

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