2018’s best, funniest touchdown celebrations

The NFL relaxed the rules about group celebrations, and since then the players have been getting creative with their post-touchdown shenanigans. Some fans might wish the players focused as much attention on playing as they do on their celebrations, but there is no denying the routines are heaps of fun. These are the best touchdown celebrations of 2018.

Hit by pitch

Seattle Seahawks receivers Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin were in good spirits as they recreated one of baseball’s most controversial plays in their touchdown celebration. The receivers reenacted a famous fight between Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura after the pitcher hit the batter with the ball. A mock brawl followed with Lockett laying the ‘knockout’ blow to his teammate as they crowd went wild.

2018’s best, funniest touchdown celebrations

Iverson’s stepover

Tyler Lockett is a crowd favorite and this time he chose to recreate a famous moment in the NBA. He ‘dribbled’ the ball between his legs and shot for a three-pointer, just like Allen Iverson. During the basketball play Iverson’s opponent Tyronn Lue ended up on the court floor, and the 76ers star stepped over his fallen foe while staring him down. Lockett perfectly recreated the moment with his receiver buddy David Moore playing the role of Tyronn Lue.

Fusion dance

David Njoku and Darren Fells recreated the “fusion dance” from anime adventure Dragon Ball Z after the Cleveland Browns secured a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders. The dance was a celebration of the pair’s love of the anime and was a display of how in tune they are with each other. In Dragon Ball Z, the fusion dance fuses two strong fighters to make them stronger together than they were individually.

2018’s best, funniest touchdown celebrations

Turning cameraman

Kansas City Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill was surrounded by three Arizona Cardinals players in the end zone, but his QB still managed to pick him out. It was a risky play, but it sent the entire arena into hysterics and none more so than Hill himself. He ran straight for the back wall, leaped it, and took control of the CBS TV camera, managing to capture the moment the referee threw his flag for bad sportsmanship.


After scoring a touchdown for the Tennessee Titans to take the lead against the Philadelphia Eagles, Tajae Sharpe went all out on the celebration. He lined up his teammates like bowling pins and rolled the football toward them, knocking them down. He was in good form and secured himself the strike following his touchdown.

2018’s best, funniest touchdown celebrations

Walking the walk

Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott had seen mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor strutting his stuff on the field before the game, and he took inspiration from him. The Cowboys quarterback strutted around the end zone like he owned the place, much like McGregor does when he fights in the cage.

These celebrations have all helped to make the game of football even more memorable in 2018 thanks to their creativity. There’s a lot of pressure involved with playing pro football, so the players let that tension disappear by having some fun after a score.