Top 15 Major Sports Cities in America

There are many great sports cities across the country. Some cities boast a very rich history, which has entertained locals for many decades. Other cities have developed great teams in the modern era, which has placed them on the sports map.

Whether you’re a huge lover of sports, or you simple love your city, a great sports town is something to admire. Watching large crowds of people gather to watch their favorite teams pursue greatness brings a sense of pride and unity that is incredible to both witness and experience.

If you enjoy the buzz around a good game, you could opt to visit any of the cities on this list, and you will likely have a great time catching a game, whether it is at the stadium itself, or in a local sports bar, where the atmosphere is no less than plain awesome.

So what makes a city better for sports fans than another? It might be the current quality of the teams in that area. If a major sports team wins a championship, it’s safe to say that the city will be rocking with joy and excitement. But some cities are simply too rich with teams across so many sports, that they automatically become a leader in the world of sports cities.

Let’s dive in and see the Sports Retrievers list of greatest sports cities in the nation.

Atlanta, GA

ATL is home to the Falcons, who are just one season removed from a Super Bowl appearance. With big name stars on the team, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them make another visit to the big game in the near future. The Braves are the team that many Georgia natives follow most vigorously, and for good reason. As a staple atop the MLB crowd, they bring a winning attitude and resolve for Atlanta fans.

Phoenix, AZ

The desert is always hot. And these days, it’s also full of promise for the future. With a rebuild taking place for the Suns, it’s easy to see how fans are getting excited following the recent NBA draft. And the Cardinals just drafted their new potential franchise quarterback, in Josh Rosen, who could become the new face of the team. The Diamondbacks remains a key part of this city’s sports buzz, and they have done so by remaining competitive for such a long time. So while it may be too hot to go outside during the summer, there’s plenty for sports fans to follow from inside the confines of an air conditioned home or office.

Miami, FL

Beautiful beaches, palm trees, and a whole lot of sun. There’s a reason many athletes say Miami is one of the premier destinations for any professional athlete. As far as football goes, the Dolphins were the home of one of the all-time great quarterbacks in Dan Marino. Plus, the 1972 squad remains the only undefeated team in NFL history. And if you’re an NBA fan who lives in South Beach, you got a front row seat at watching King James and his buddies Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, win two championships earlier this decade.

Milwaukee, WI

Aaron Rodgers. While that might be enough to explain Milwaukee’s place on this list, let’s explain a bit further. After enjoying the leadership of Brett Favre during the 1990s, Green Bay fans were gifted arguably an even better signal caller in his successor – Rodgers. Watching a game at Lambeau field should be on every football fan’s to do list. While the Bucks and Brewers will always take a backseat to the Packers in this town, these Wisconsin fans are as loyal as they come. Even when it comes to their college sports teams.

Seattle, WA

The Seahawks boast one of the most challenging home stadium environments for opposing teams to play in. And much of that is due to the team’s fans, who have become notorious for their loud and intense vocal participation in games. It goes to show you just how passionate this fanbase really is, and what sports mean to people in the Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, the Mariners hold one of the best records in the American League right now, which means this upcoming Fall promises to be highly engaging for Seattle sports.

Dallas, TX

Big D is an interesting place to be if you’re into sports. Jerry’s world clearly takes center stage around these areas, where the Cowboys attract one of the largest crowds in the NFL. And with Dirk Nowitzki still manning the Mavs, there is always hope for a quick turnaround. And now Mark Cuban’s team has made the moves necessary to secure Slovenian sensation Luca Doncic. The potential for him to become a star is extremely high, and having him there will make Dallas a must watch team in the upcoming NBA season. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about those Dallas Stars, who despite missing out on the postseason in 2017, have enjoyed tremendous success over the years.

Houston, TX

Houston is an exciting place to be right now as far as sports go. James Harden, CP3, and the rest of the Rockets will look to get another shot at a championship next season. Meanwhile, this city has a whole lot to offer on the gridiron as well. Second year quarterback Deshaun Watson offers a whole lot of buzz for the foreseeable future. He and the offense look to finally catch up to JJ Watt and the defense. And for all baseball fanatics, the Astros are one of the top teams in MLB right now, and are one of the most sound franchises in the game.

Bay Area

If you’re from Oakland or San Francisco, it has been a wild ride watching the Golden State Warriors establish a mini dynasty in recent years. There’s really no way the Bay Area could fall any further on this list, simply due to this team’s domination over the past four years. Then, there are the SF 49ers, who added Jimmy Garoppolo last season, helping to turn their season (and potentially future) around in dramatic fashion. The Raiders have a rich history, and the team hopes that the return of Jon Gruden will help to bring the team back to its glory days. And of course, the Giants and A’s each provide their own excitement to the Bay area.

Denver, CO

Denver has something for everyone. But is all starts and ends with the Broncos in this city, who have brought home three championship for these fans. The Nuggets have had their good days as well, but not nearly to the same extent as their football counterparts. Meanwhile, the days of Peter Forsberg, Joe Sakic and the Avs dominating the NHL might be over, but it wont stop this loyal fanbase from cheering on their team, who just made it back to the postseason last season. And when the Rockies are in full gear, the atmosphere around Rocktober is as electric as any other city on the planet. Ultimately, Denver is one of the best cities for sports fans to be in right now.

Pittsburgh, PA

The Steelers have six Super Bowl victories during their history, which is the most in the entire NFL. This city has seen some of the greatest sports moments ever. The “Steel Curtain” defense was a staple for this town among the older generation, and now they get the benefit of watching Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell dismantling the rest of the league in new school fashion. But aside from not having an NBA team, Pittsburgh also has great teams for these fans to enjoy. The Bruins keep most of them occupied through the winter months, while the Pirates are the show in town during the NFL offseason.

Chicago, IL

As the city that was home to Michael Jordan and the great Bulls teams of the 1990s, the “Windy City” has witnessed some of the greatest moments in all of sports. These fans were lucky enough to watch MJ vs. Magic (and Bird), and were the center of the basketball world for more than a decade. But that’s not all Chi town has had to offer. The Bears and their illustrious history have also provided incredible times for the locals, including the 1985 Bears squad that is considered among the best ever. When you add the Cubs, White Sox and Blackhawks in to the mix, it’s easy to see why this is one of the top sports cities in America.

New York, NY

The Big Apple has long been considered a center for all sports fans. Whether it’s the Yankees and Mets that gets your juices flowing, or all the historic Knicks games at Madison Square Garden, not many cities boast such a rich sports culture as NYC. This city has two teams in every single major sport. Aside from the aforementioned MLB clubs, NY has two NHL teams in the Rangers and Islanders, two NBA teams (if you count the Brooklyn Nets), and even two NFL teams (Giants and Jets). There is always a local team’s game on for New Yorkers to enjoy.


Home to the Super Bowl Champion Eagles, Philly is a great city to be a sports fan right now. The “City of Brotherly Love” has had to endure some tough times, but their fans are as loyal as they come. Some of those hardships have included “the process” for the 76ers, which is now finally beginning to pay its dues. A well-rounded city with great franchises across all major sports, it doesn’t get much better than Philadelphia at the moment. And all you Rocky fans would have to agree.

Los Angeles

L.A. has been the home to a plethora of all-time greats. The Lakers alone have had the privilege of having Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Kareem, and many others on their side. And now, King James is in La La Land, and the excitement is justifiable. The Clippers have lost a lot of talent, following the departures of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, but not many cities are lucky enough to have two NBA teams. It’s really strange how LA had gone so many years without any NFL team, and now in a matter of just a few years they have two.

Boston, MA

Boston is blessed with a glorious history of major sports. Home to the New England Patriots, the region has enjoyed a run for the ages over the past two decades. With five Super Bowl rings and so many other unforgettable moments, the Patriots are the greatest dynasty in all of sports at the moment. But let’s not forget about the Red Sox, whose bond to this town go back to 1901.
The Celtics are no joke either. Not back in when Larry Bird was the man around here, nor in the current landscape of the NBA. The Celtics and Bruins also look poised to get back to the top of their respective sports as well. All of this makes Boston the best place for to be a sports fan in 2018.