Superstar athletes who married regular people

Professional athletes represent the pinnacle of sporting success and are often considered celebrities, sometimes with similar status as Hollywood stars. Whether they have worked their way through the college football ranks or shone on their high school basketball courts, these superstars have earned a place among the famous United States biggest A-listers.
In saying so, it is not surprising to see a number of these elite athletes wed people who are just as famous as them, or have flings with other influential American icons. The pairs seem suited because both parties are used to this lifestyle. After all, the lavish trips to exotic islands and accompanying paparazzi pressure may be too much for the everyday person to come to grips with or even handle.

Sure, we all have that athlete crush we imagine sipping on sangrias in the Seychelles with. But for the majority, these fantasies are unlikely to come to fruition. That said, love works in mysterious ways and is often found in the simplest of places.
For the athlete’s on our list, falling in love doesn’t always have to be a show of celebrity status. These sports people have gone against the grain and hitched up with people just like any of us.
Whether that is your dream come true or just an example of real and pure love, it usually comes as a major surprise. It shouldn’t, though, as everyone is exceptional in their own right and the only thing that sets us apart is the celebrity spotlight. Read on for the stories of successful athletes who married “regular” people.
[post_page_title]Chris and Jada Paul[/post_page_title]
Chris Paul is a professional NBA point guard that stars for the Los Angeles Clippers. The basketball player is one of the highest paid athletes in the world and has been a long-term president of the National Basketball Players Association. Chris married his wife Jada on the 10th of September 2011. Chris Paul is very outspoken about his love of his wife, sharing many positive images and stories of their relationship. Despite her humble business background, their love is brighter than ever.

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