How technology has made modern athletes better

Athletes have always been the most physically and technically gifted among us, but they are finding new ways to take their games to the next level. Technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years, and it’s being used to make modern athletes even better.


Many top professional sports are using data to improve the performance of their athletes. When training, the athletes can wear technology that monitors their heart rates and tracks how hard they are working.

How technology has made modern athletes better

This information can be fed back to coaches to see where they need their athletes to improve, and they can provide real examples to the sportsperson. When at the top level of sport any tiny performance increase from an athlete can make all the difference.


It’s not just data collected during training that is useful for improving the performance of modern athletes, it is also collected during the big event. Coaches have access to live data to see how their athletes are performing and can help coach them to improve.
When preparing a team for their next opposition, coaches can look at hours of footage on the opposing team. This analysis can help to spot weaknesses and give a competitive edge over rivals.

Sports science

Sports science is huge in the world of the modern day athlete, and it puts sportspeople in constant contact with medical professionals. Most sports teams or clubs at least one doctor, but more than likely they will have a whole group available. Sports science plays a vital role in preventing injuries for top athletes. It is seeing fewer stars having their careers ended by injury, and instead is allowing some of the best to get another few seasons at their best.

How technology has made modern athletes better

Better athletic wear

The technology used in the production of sportswear has also given modern athletes an edge over their counterparts from years ago. With kits and uniforms that are more breathable, athletes are freer, capable of performing at higher levels without being restricted by the clothes they wear.
Equipment can have a huge impact on how you perform, just ask a cyclist about their aerodynamic suit. Every little bit counts at the top of the athletic spectrum, and if that’s a new way of wearing something, then technology can find that edge.

Virtual reality

With the advancement in virtual reality technology in recent years, athletes are able to replicate going out on game night while they are practicing. Getting used to the buzz of the crowd is key to winning the mental battle in sport and if you can replicate that while training you will be a step ahead. It can also be used in practice to help visualize what coaches are telling their athletes, giving them a greater understanding of how to improve.

How technology has made modern athletes better

It seems as though sportspeople are getting better and better, just look at how often world records are broken at the Olympics. Technology has played a huge part in modern athletes getting better, and it will continue to do so as it develops.

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