The 30 greatest players turned coaches

[post_page_title]Jerry Sloan[/post_page_title]
Jerry Sloan spent nearly four decades in the NBA as both a player and coach, and despite his success, he never won a ring. As a player, Sloan starred for the Bulls from 1966-1976, averaging 14.7 PPG and 7.7 rebounds. He made two All Star appearances and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. As the Bulls coach, his first head coaching gig, he didn’t fare too well, finishing two out of three seasons below .500. But after a few more years as an assistant coach, Sloan found his stride, and in 23 seasons as Utah’s head coach, including the Malone-Stockton era, he led the team to 21 winning seasons. Sloan’s overall coaching record stands at 1221-803 with two Western Conference Championships.

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