The cast of The Waltons – what they’re doing today

The cast of The Waltons – what they’re doing today

Premiering in 1971, The Waltons was one of America’s favorite TV shows, garnering a dedicated audience of millions. The show followed the eponymous Waltons, a 20th century family struggling through the Great Depression. The show’s success was thanks to stellar performances from the people playing the Waltons – with many fans wondering where the actors who warmed their hearts all those years ago are now.
[post_page_title]Michael Learned then[/post_page_title]
Actress Michael Learned played Olivia Walton in the show, the gentle and religiously devout matriarch of the Walton family. Olivia was a kind woman, always trying to do right by those in need, and set an example for her children.
Michael Learned then

She was no pushover though, always ready to stand her ground for what she believed in.

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