Things you never knew about Gone With The Wind

Things you never knew about Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind has long been regarded as one of Hollywood’s finest, but as the years pass fewer people have seen it. Whether you have seen it or not, there are some incredible behind the scenes facts about this classic movie.
[post_page_title]A troubled beginning[/post_page_title]
Before filming really even began to kick off, things were not running smoothly for the producers of Gone with the Wind. In short, it was pretty much a disaster. The first director hired to take control of the film was George Cukor, but he was fired after just three weeks.
A troubled beginning

It was reported that star of the film, Clark Gable, didn’t like his methods and had the original director fired. Director Victor Fleming took up the helm, but he would have to leave after reportedly suffering from a nervous breakdown during production.

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