The all-time greatest MLB pitchers to ever grace the mound

The game of baseball is exciting for a number of reasons. You’ve got your diving catches, your double plays, your home runs, and of course – your outstanding pitchers. Over the years, the MLB has delivered us a number of exceptional pitchers, and these right and left handed flingers have been the bane of every timid batter’s existence every time they walk up to the plate. Even when it comes to the great sluggers of the league, there is nothing quite as unnerving as having to face a pitcher who is known for striking people out. For this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to decide exactly which pitchers we find to be the best of all time. What do you think?

There are stats, and then there is the experience. Let’s be real, so much of what we do in life is all about the experience itself, and baseball is no different. Let us explain further…. There have been countless amazing pitchers over the years, and yet people are still having debates these days over who the best of the best are. There are some obvious names, but at the end of the day, the matter tends to be vaguely subjective. Still, there is nothing quite as fun as compiling a list such as this, and we think you’ll enjoy the ride just as much as we did.
[post_page_title]Pedro Martinez[/post_page_title]
You didn’t have to be a Red Sox fan to know just how impactful Pedro Martinez was on the game of baseball. It’s one thing to talk about how amazing his ERA was, but it makes it even more impressive when you point out that this was during a time when more batters in the league were hitting homers more than ever before. In 2000, he had an absurdly low ERA of 1.74, one of the lowest of all time. He also won three Cy Young awards, beating out some serious competitors at the time. When people came to Fenway, it wasn’t the Green Monster they were afraid of… it was Pedro Martinez.

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