The top five home run hitters of all time

There is nothing more satisfying in baseball than hitting a home run. You literally hit the ball out of the park and guarantee yourself a free pass around all the bases, enjoying the applause of the fans in the process. It’s like scoring a touchdown from a hail mary pass or beating the buzzer with a shot from your own half of the basketball court. These are the top five baseball legends with the most home runs in the history of MLB (Major League Baseball).

Willie Mays – 660

Willie Mays’ most iconic moment in his baseball career might have been his over-the-shoulder catch at the World Series in 1954, but his batting ability was his real strength. Even though he was drafted to the Army during the ‘50s, he returned stronger than ever and knocked up an impressive 660 home runs. That figure would have been higher if he hadn’t missed one and a half seasons while serving his country.

The top five home run hitters of all time

Alex Rodriguez – 696

Rodriguez can’t have too many complaints about his career, and he is one of the greatest heavy-hitters in the history of baseball. When Rodriguez traded to the Yankees in 2004, he added 351 home runs to his already impressive tally of 345. Rodriguez ended his hugely successful career with a total of 696 home runs, making him one of the all-time greats.

Babe Ruth – 714

Perhaps the most famous name in baseball, Babe Ruth was the original home run star. His career lasted 22 years, and he was always a formidable sight for any pitcher standing opposite him. Pitchers knew that if they gave Ruth a chance he was swinging for the fences.

The top five home run hitters of all time

Once Ruth found his groove there was no stopping him and he led the league in home runs a total of 12 times. His record of 714 home runs stood for 39 years, but eventually, he was caught.

Hank Aaron – 755

Hammerin’ Hank Aaron was one of the most consistent hitters in the history of baseball, and he scored at least 20 home runs in every season from 1955 until 1974. Aaron got his place as the second-highest home run hitter through his consistency as he never hit more than 47 in a single season. He took his place in baseball history, and his record stood until 2007.

Barry Bonds – 762

The all-time home run leader is Barry Bonds, whose record was completed in 2007. He totaled 762 home runs after a final season tally of 28, enough to push him into first place. Bonds was another consistent hitter and only recorded the league’s leading home runs twice in his 22 seasons as a pro. Bonds’ father was a feared batter, but Bonds Jr. took things to a new level and became the greatest home run hitter of all-time.

The top five home run hitters of all time

These players stole the show time and time again when they took to the baseball diamond. They smashed so many balls out of the park and broke all kinds of records on their way to greatness.

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