The most unbelievable MLB finals in history

The regular season in MLB is more like a marathon than any other league in the world. Teams play a total of 162 games and then have to face the playoffs. It’s all worth it though for the team who ends up winning the World Series as months of hard work brings lots of smiles from the fans. Any team enjoys winning the World Series, but these are some of the most unbelievable MLB finals in history.

Chicago Cubs – Cleveland Indians, extra innings 2016

This was the first time ever that both teams had scored the exact same amount of runs after seven games. It all came down to a winner-take-all matchup in the final game, but even that wasn’t enough to separate the two sides. The Cubs forced game seven and kept that momentum going as they raced to a 5-1 lead.

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The Indians fought back, and every innings made this game feel all the more impressive. Players and managers appeared to be delirious from playing so long as the game lasted four hours and 28 minutes. Then to top everything off it was the Cubs who were able to take the World Series to win their first World Series in over 100 years.
Any time one team pushed ahead, the other would come roaring back to tie it up. Ultimately the Indians ran out of road, and the Cubs were able to seal one of the most famous World Series victories of all time.

Kansas City Royals – St. Louis Cardinals, 4-3 1985

Coming into the 1985 playoffs, it was hard to imagine many teams other than the St. Louis Cardinals lifting the trophy. They made it all the way to the World Series following an impressive 101 winning regular season. Kansas finished 10 games back on the Cardinals in the regular season and were the underdogs.
Things got even more unlikely for the Kansas City Royals when they went 3-1 down to the Cardinals in the World Series. No one thought the Cardinals would be losing from this position, well no one except those players on the Royals roster. The Royals managed to win the final three games of the series as the moment swung their way in the end.

Going back to the most unbelievable MLB finals in history

In Game 6 the Royals benefitted from a blown call at first base which allowed them to rally at the bottom of the ninth. It seemed as though the Cardinals lost their fight in Game 6 and in Game 7 the Royals smashed St. Louis 11-0 to take the World Series.

New York Mets – Baltimore Orioles, 4-1 1969

The Baltimore Orioles were one of the best regular season teams of all time, and they made their way through the playoffs to the World Series. Anyone facing them didn’t stand a chance, according to the experts and it was up to the New York Mets to try and stop them. The Orioles swept the Twins to make the World Series, and they won their first game against the Mets.
People didn’t expect the Mets to put up much of a fight, but they had forgotten about New York’s late-season form. The Mets shot up the rankings at the end of the season to overtake the Cubs and brought that momentum with them to the playoffs. The Mets took their loss in Game 1 and didn’t look back, winning the next four games in a row to stun the Orioles and take the series 4-1.

Going back to the most unbelievable MLB finals in history

The World Series doesn’t always throw up an unbelievable finish to the season, but when it does people don’t forget about it. These three games were some of the most unbelievable finishes to the MLB season ever, and fans were stunned by the results.

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