Team USA Olympic female swimmers – where are they now?

When you were younger, you were probably interested in a sport or two. Your mom may have dropped you off at Pee-Wee soccer every Saturday morning, you may have spent all of your free time in the batting cages trying to perfect your swing for the weekend baseball game, and you might have even taken gymnastics lessons and hoped to be the next big name in the world of gymnastics. Although many of us find joy in these sports, we often find that life gets in the way, and we suddenly don’t have time for sports games, practice, or even a run-around with your siblings in the backyard. Instead, you’re filling your time with homework, studying, part-time jobs, and getting yourself ready for life as an adult.
However, there are other people who choose to dedicate their whole lives to the sports we’re so happy to give up. Alongside their studies, they’re willing to wake up at 4 am to train in the gym or practice with their coach or team. They live and breathe the sport, and can think of nothing else for their whole day. Of course, they do obtain their high school education, and they may even go on to college – but in the back of their minds, all of they can think of is the end goal. For any amateur sports man or woman, the ultimate goal is to one day compete for their country in the Olympic Games.

Inspired by the warriors and gladiators in Olympia, Greece, the Olympic Games has evolved to become the main event in sport. Taking place over four years, the Summer Olympic Games changes location every time and sees almost every country and nation in the world send in their greatest athletes for the chance to win a gold medal at the end of it. Although many budding athletes dream of one day representing their country, only the select few make it through. With hard work, determination and long hours under their belt, these athletes live and breathe the sport, and this is apparent to the fans.
Although viewers of the Olympic Games have more than 400 events to choose from, there are some sports that are more popular than others. In recent years, swimming has been the center of our attention, with many Olympic swimmers taking over the airwaves and hitting headlines across the world. Amazingly, it’s the female swimmers that have caught our attention more than most. Alongside breaking records and winning gold medals, these female athletes have also won our hearts. Yet, have you ever wondered what the female USA Olympic swimmers are up to now? Wonder no more.
[post_page_title]Missy Franklin – Then[/post_page_title]
Missy Franklin’s dive into the world of professional swimming was merely an accident. As a child, Missy’s mother was allegedly incredibly worried about the water, and encouraged her child to become comfortable in the depths. Because of this, Missy developed an intense love and passion for swimming, and eventually began competing at a national level. In 2012, Franklin made her Olympic debut, and walked away with four gold medals and a bronze medal. She also helped herself and the U.S team break numerous world and American swimming records.

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