Where are the cast members from Lizzie McGuire now?

[post_page_title]Rachel Snow as Veruca Albano[/post_page_title]
Every school has those kids who are constantly picked on by the bullies, and Veruca Albano was definitely one of those. She wrote to Lizzie, asking for her advice about how to deal with her unfortunate situation at school, in her “Dear Lizzie” advice column. Veruca is particularly concerned about a bully named Cheryl who picks on her a lot. A lot of viewers related with Veruca’s plight, making her a favorite character for many teens who also had to deal with bullies.

[post_page_title]Rachel Snow now[/post_page_title]
Veruca Snow was Rachel Snow’s biggest role, but she had some interesting parts before she was cast in the part. She played Liza in the fantasy comedy Matilda and guest starred on sitcoms like Friends and Curb Your Enthusiasm. She didn’t continue on with her television acting career, instead attending New York University to get a good education. While we haven’t seen her in anything for a while, we’ll always recognize her as Veruca, as will the many fans who connected with the character she played.

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