The 32 Greatest Running Backs in NFL History

Running the football is critical to the success of any NFL team. While the NFL has transformed into a pass-first league, history has shown that a productive rushing attack can help a team control any game. The following are the greatest running backs in NFL history. These great players have all surpassed what we’ve been accustomed to seeing from a typical runner. Let the arguments begin.
[post_page_title]Steven Jackson[/post_page_title]
Jackson was a beast to bring down, but he unfortunately was unable to get the coveted Super Bowl ring he always wanted. He was immediately thrust into a challenging situation, as he attempted to fill the shoes of the great Marshall Faulk, after the Rams drafted him in the 2004 NFL Draft. But he still made the most of his chances, rushing for 11,438 and 69 touchdowns during his career. He was a great checkdown option as well, recording 461 receptions for 3,683 yards and nine more touchdowns.

Steven Jackson

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