The earnings of the world’s richest sports owners

[post_page_title]Charles Dolan – $5 billion (New York Knicks, New York Rangers)[/post_page_title]
Have you ever heard of a little team called the New York Knicks? How about the New York Rangers? Perhaps when it comes to New York teams, it doesn’t even matter how good they are.

They find ways to remain relevant and popular regardless, and a lot of that should be credited to their owner, Charles Dolan. The founder of cable network Cablevision, he also controls many different broadcasting networks such as MSG networks, AMC networks, and Newsday.
[post_page_title]Marian Ilitch – $5.2 billion (Detroit Red Wings)[/post_page_title]
When it comes to the sport of hockey, let’s be real – there is a specific demographic in America that enjoys watching it, but luckily for Marian Ilitch, Detroit has a large number of them.

Perhaps this is perhaps the Red Wings have been such a successful team, and perhaps it isn’t, but either way, they owe a lot of the Red Wings accomplishments to their owner, Marion Ilitch. She is a powerful businesswoman who is also the co-founder of Little Caesars Pizza, with Mike Ilitch, her late husband.

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