Celebrities over the age of 85 who are still rocking it

[post_page_title]Vera Lynn (102 years old)[/post_page_title]
Hitting triple digits hasn’t been enough to slow down the voice that once entertained the many English troops throughout the Second World War.

Vera Lynn (102 years old)

Vera Lynn would travel the world singing hits such as The White Cliffs of Dover, We’ll Meet Again, and There’ll Always Be an England as she wanted to keep spirits high. That’s not all. Even at 101 years old, Vera is still singing with the 2017 release of her album Vera Lynn 100. It looks like nothing can silence this songbird.
[post_page_title]Kim Novak (86 years old)[/post_page_title]
The 1950s was the decade that shot Kim Novak to fame. The actress broke out into Hollywood thanks to roles in movies such as the musical Pal Joey, the drama The Man with the Golden Arm, and the comedy Picnic. However, in 1966, Kim announced she was retiring.
Kim Novak (86 years old)

A handful of films saw Kim reach back out to Hollywood over the years, but it now seems as though the 86-year-old would prefer to stick to a life filled with public events and award ceremonies instead.

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