What it's really like to be an NFL cheerleader

[post_page_title]Dinner etiquette befitting the Royal Family[/post_page_title]
Cheerleading is a round-the-clock thing that extends so much farther than just being there on game-day. As we mention elsewhere, there’s any number of personal and charity appearances that cheerleaders are expected to attend. During those appearances, they might find themselves eating dinner.

Dinner etiquette befitting the Royal Family

We can’t even say that we’re surprised at this point, but different teams’ guidebooks actually have sections on proper dinner etiquette. The Buffalo Bills, for example, remind their cheerleaders to eat from the outside-in, utensils-wise. The Oakland Raiders, meanwhile, tell their cheerleaders that if they don’t like their meal, they should try a little of everything and “strategically move the rest around your plate.”

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