What it's really like to be an NFL cheerleader

[post_page_title]The ‘secret’ squad[/post_page_title]
After going through the whole rigamarole of being accepted onto an NFL team’s cheer squad, the challenges aren’t necessarily over. It’s been reported that several franchises, including the Houston Texans and New England Patriots, have “alternate” cheerleaders who never actually do any cheerleading. What do they do?

The ‘secret’ squad

Well, according to reports they’re pretty much hostesses, meant to entertain the team’s fans – especially those with deep pockets. For the privilege of being a cheerleader who doesn’t cheer, they’re paid their state’s minimum wage. However, lucky ones get a Starbucks gift card at season’s end, only to discover it was empty or had as little as $5 on it.

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