15 women sportscasters you should know about

When the average American citizen finishes a long day of work, they might give their kids a big hug. Or they might cook themselves a steaming dinner while they talk about the hardships of the day. After dinner, many of them turn on their television sets to watch a sitcom, drama, or more often than not – a sports channel.
From big games to fast-paced highlights colorfully narrated on Sportscenter, when one watches anything to do with sports, the experience is never complete without a commentator or reporter on the scene. It’s hard to imagine watching any big sports game on television without our reporters colorfully describing it to us in such a professional, story-like fashion. These storytellers can be sideline reporters, color commentators, as well as analysts on ESPN.
When sports broadcasting emerged in the 1940s, it was mainly the men who got all the gigs. It wasn’t until the ‘70s that women reporters began to garner respect from the American population, with the breadth of their credibility making its mark. Ever since then, women have become staples in the sports reporting world, and their presence has become an important step toward much needed diversity in the world of sports.

In the 21st century, the world of women sports reporting has flourished strongly, and there are countless notable names who have helped this process along. From the pioneers who helped pave the way early on, to the rising stars of the present day, we are happy to say that when folks in the U.S. turn on their television to watch their favorite sports program, they are going to be getting quality reporting.
As time changes, the styles and sensibilities of sports reporting changes as well. The beauty of this is that as new generations emerge, there is a constant need for freshness, and new ideas. In the world of sports today, there have been many stories that have gathered attention, and the female sports journalists have played a large hand in it.
From the grand stages of the sports world such as the Super Bowl and the World Series, to the laid back atmosphere you might find at an NBA insider discussion, the women are a big part of the way we watch sports today. They have influenced the sports culture in a very positive way, and it’s hard to imagine a broadcast of any sports program without them.
Here are 15 notable women you should know about that are active in the sports reporting scene currently.
[post_page_title]Rachel Nichols – on air[/post_page_title]
This ESPN anchor is a household name for most sports fanatics across the United States. Emerging from Medill School of Journalism in 1995 with a strong ambition to be heard, she had all the tools she needed to navigate her way across the airwaves, from frequent March Madness appearances to appearing on regular football broadcasts. Specializing in the NBA and NFL, she is often seen on the sidelines. If that’s not enough, she was also dubbed by Sports Illustrated as “the country’s most impactful and prominent female sports journalist.”

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