Should college athletes be paid?

College athletes are worth millions to their schools, and their future franchises. They entertain thousands of fans weekly, but are not paid for their efforts. Should college athletes be paid for all their hard work?

College athletes

High school sports are extremely competitive, and athletes have to be at a level above everyone else to get a scholarship to a top school. The college system allows people to go to college who otherwise wouldn’t have the financial means and when they’re there, they will get a great education. There are two sides to every story, but some college athletes are asking why they aren’t getting paid. They are providing a service to their schools, but the colleges get to keep all the proceeds. Is it time college players got the financial recognition their athleticism deserves?

Should college athletes be paid?

Pay the athletes

Some players leave college early with the lure of the big leagues calling them. They know they can earn millions of dollars in the pro league, so why should they hang around the college scene waiting for another couple of years to make money? Paying the athletes to play in college would mean they would be more inclined to see out their classes and leave school with a completed education. Players can also send money back home to help provide for their families.
There is an injustice if you look at the amount of money some college make from their athletes. Some colleges are making tens of millions of dollars in revenue annually from their athletes, yet the stars themselves are seeing none of that. How is it fair for athletes to make their schools so much money without seeing a cent of it for themselves? It is the hard work of the students that’s bringing in that money, so they deserve some kind of cut.

Should college athletes be paid?

Don’t pay the athletes

Some argue that paying young athletes would be a risk, as at that age they are financially irresponsible. Though all the 18 to 22-year-olds not at college might disagree. Some fear that college athletes would waste the money they’d get from their colleges without anyone there to guide them.
There would also be a dispute over how to distribute the money. Does everyone get the same pay, or would the star players get more? There is a fear that athletes might not bother turning up to class as there is no incentive for them to go. They are already making money so why do they need to turn up to class?
The spirit of college football could be lost if the athletes start getting paid. Critics argue that players will already have a pro mindest, fearing that they will only be in it for the money and not the sport. The hunger and passion from the college game could be lost if everyone’s driving around in a Bentley before making it big.

Should college athletes be paid?

College athletes are playing their hearts out for their colleges while the schools get to reap the financial benefits. Some argue that’s unfair and it’s time to start giving college athletes their dues.

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