Stories about Bill Belichick you've never heard

We are living in a very exciting time in the NFL, with a slew of talented players in the league, and no shortage of players who look amazing on paper. But every once in the while, the NFL is blessed with players who bring to the table more than just numbers on a stat sheet. Every once in while, we are lucky enough to watch a team whose magic and chemistry transcends analytics, logic, and sports in general. Friends, whether you like it or not, the modern day New England Patriots are one of these teams, and it owes its legendary status in many ways to its coach Bill Belichick.
The Patriots are a team that you either love, hate, or appreciate genuinely from a moderate distance, perhaps afraid of getting too close. And it goes without saying that with any team, you need a great cast of role players, and of course – leaders. Tom Brady, their future Hall of Fame quarterback, is one of these leaders, but just as important is head coach Belichick. This is a man who many consider to be the greatest coach of all-time – but although his accomplishments are undeniable, so are some of the controversial actions he’s done in process. So how well do you really know Bill Belichick?

He may have led the Patriots to a total of 15 AFC East division titles, and he may have led them to 12 AFC playoff Championship games. He may have led the Patriots to an irrefutably impressive eight Super Bowl appearances and finally – he may have helped them win five of those Super Bowls in dramatically epic fashion. But Bill Belichick has also done many other things in his career that raised many eyebrows, and made people doubt his overall moral ground when it came to fair play on the competitive field. Some of these things you may have heard of – such as his assistant getting caught videotaping an opponents sideline plays.
That being said, Belichick has also done many positive things with his life off of the field – although he is generally a private person, there are certain things we’ve uncovered about his day to day life that may change your overall opinion on the man for the better. And although his general demeanour on camera may suggest otherwise, he does enjoy letting loose and enjoying himself every now and then – such as joining Jon Bon Jovi himself on stage on a wild night out a long time ago. Unexpected stories just like that one are in store for you, so stay tuned as we go through the ups and downs of Bill Belichick’s life.
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Before we start talking about Bill’s football career, and the impressive, yet questionable methods that enabled him to succeed so prolifically – we’re going to talk about how he used those talents in the ladies department. Decades before he had accomplished all he had done, Belichick got married to his high school sweetheart, Debby Clarke. But as time went on, they would gradually drift apart – and Bill was now single, ready to mingle, and on the prowl.

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