19 interesting facts about Jerry Jones you don’t know

28 years ago, a confident individual by the name of Jerry Jones purchased the rights to the Dallas Cowboys, an NFL team, and effectively became their owner. Ever since then, Jones has emerged as one of the most controversial sports owners of all time, and it didn’t take long for him to have this effect. Right off the bat, he made decisions that baffled sports analysts and angered Cowboy fans – and people are still not so happy with him
That being said, he has actually been able to back up some of the questionable front office choices he’s made with tangible positive results. For instance, right he started, he fired legendary Cowboy coach Tom Landry, and traded Heisman trophy winner Herschel Walker. Although people thought the Cowboys were doomed, a few years later they were celebrating not one, and not two – but three marvelous Super Bowl victories. But since then, he hasn’t been as lucky.

The fact is, it isn’t easy to be an owner of a sports team – we’ll acknowledge right off the bat that we don’t claim to know what it’s like for a man in Jerry Jones’ position to balance an entire operational staff of players, coaches, medical, and front office members. But while it is true that we don’t claim to have walked a mile in his shoes, there have been many accounts told by people who have worked with him in the past that he isn’t the easiest to get along with. And the fans aren’t too happy with him either – in 2003, he was even voted by a nationwide online Sports Illustrated poll that he was their “Least Favorite Sports Personality.”
This is obviously some rough stuff to hear, but if you’re feeling sorry for Jerry, you should know that he has at least done very well for the Cowboys organization, even when they were losing. Indeed, throughout his stint as owner, he turned his initial $170 million investment into a brilliant franchise worth an outrageous $2.1 billion. So he must be doing something right, no?
Yes, there is a certain mysterious duality when it comes to Jerry Jones and his role as the Cowboys owner. And for this reason, we want to take a closer look at what really makes this guy tick. Because while you may think that you know the man, there are subtleties about his persona that you may have overlooked. And when you read this list of interesting facts about him that we’ve compiled for you – you may have a different opinion of the man you once knew as Jerry Jones.
Maybe you’ve heard of some of the things that Jerry Jones has done, and maybe you haven’t. Either way, here is a little something that happened that will speak volumes to you regardless of how much you know about the NFL team owner. In 2012, a large group of Cowboys started a petition to get Jerry Jones removed as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, reasoning that he had “caused mental and emotional duress,” as well as being an “extreme disappointment.”

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