The 20 countries with the most World Cup wins

In professional sports, there are sometimes particular players or teams that are super successful. Regardless of the era, they still manage to find a way to keep on winning. It requires more than just talent to be a serial winner, many of the world’s top sports stars are incredibly driven and surround themselves with motivational people. Some international soccer teams always seem to find a way to win, no matter what the circumstances are.

The World Cup is the pinnacle of international soccer, and finding a way to win regularly on this stage requires an iron will to win combined with extraordinary talent. The teams that have won the most matches at World Cup competitions are the ones who can mix having the best players with playing with the right attitude. Some talented teams will get to the big stage and completely choke, letting their nerves get the better of them. Other teams will thrive on the challenge of matching up against the best in the world, determined to prove they are the greatest. We have looked through the history books and are bringing you the 20 countries with the most wins at the World Cup. Think you can name them all?
[post_page_title]Chile – 11 victories[/post_page_title]
Chile played in the very first World Cup, held back in 1930 but could not get out of the group stage of that tournament. The best they have ever done at a World Cup was the third place they came in when they hosted it in 1962. After 1962, it took them until 2010 to win another game at a World Cup, when they managed to get to the round of 16 before losing to South American rivals Brazil. Chile have recorded a total of 11 victories in the nine World Cup tournaments they have qualified for. Their last World Cup appearance was in 2014, losing once again to Brazil.

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