The 30 greatest siblings in the world of sports

Many athletes are born with it, and it seems that sports and athleticism run in the family. Just take a look at how many father-son or mother-daughter combos we’ve had throughout history.
Kobe Bryant’s dad played in the NBA, Steph Curry’s dad, Dell, spent 16 seasons in the league, Kyrie Irving’s father played overseas, and those are just the basketball players. There are plenty of leagues and sports that are dominated by families, just look at the Mannings. From Archie, to Peyton and Eli, they’ve dominated the NFL. In the NHL you have Bobby Hull and Brett. Father-son duos are everywhere, and it’s similar in women’s sports.

So what lesson do we learn from this all? Great athletes produce great athletes, even super athletes, and at times more than one of the kids makes it to the big leagues, sometimes it’s several. For the most part (but not always), siblings end up in the same sports, and starting from a young age. From recreational activities to school leagues, college (if they so choose) and to the pros, they follow a certain path together or one after the other.
We have the Harbaugh brothers – Jim and John – who coached against one another in a Super Bowl, the Plumlee brothers – Miles, Mason and Marshall – who all went to Duke and on to the NBA, the Sedin twins – Daniel and Henrik – who remained by each other’s sides their entire careers and just wait until you read about the four Staal brothers playing professional hockey (and how many of them played together on the same team).
Over the years, some of these sibling combos have played in the same league, together or facing one another, while some have mastered their own individual sports. But here they are, the 30 greatest siblings in the world of sports:
[post_page_title]Jim and John Harbaugh[/post_page_title]
Jim and John Harbaugh were the first set of siblings to face each other as NFL head coaches, while Jim roamed the sidelines for the 49ers and John coached the Baltimore Ravens. In February 2012, the two brothers met as head coaches in Super Bowl XLVII, which Baltimore won 34-3. Together they have 78-33-1 regular season record, are 11-5 in the postseason and have a single Super Bowl. Since, Jim returned to coach in the NCAA, at his alma mater, Michigan. John remains with Baltimore.
jim and john harbaugh

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