Amusing photos of times people couldn’t hide their jealousy

Amusing photos of times people couldn’t hide their jealousy

Oh no, just when everything seemed to be going ok, something much better has just happened to someone else. But that’s ok, it’s good to be happy for someone else when they get the good fortune they deserve, right? Well, according to these photos, that’s not the way some people see it. If only they could hide their horror. Scroll down to see the moments when the green-eyed monster escaped and made it’s feelings too obvious to miss!
[post_page_title]Everyone loves an ice cream[/post_page_title]
Aw man, this kid’s day isn’t going well at all. Just when he thought it was all good with the sun shining and he’s out for a stroll, he comes across these two lucky girls enjoying their ice cream.
Everyone loves an ice cream

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. All he wants is to grab his own cone and join in, and the worst bit is these two gals don’t even know he’s there. Aw shucks, time to go home to veggies again.

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