Should athletes be considered role models?

Athletes are regarded by some sports fans as the most important people in their lives. Kids grow up idolizing athletes too, but are these people worthy of being considered role models?

They are role models

Before you take into account their behavior, you have to admire pro athletes’ dedication to get to the top. They have dedicated pretty much every day of their lives from a young age to training and making sure that they’re better than they were yesterday.
Their mentality is something for many to be admired, but their dedication to fitness should not be ignored. Athletes are super fit, and for most of them, their body is a temple. What better role model for young children than an athlete who treats their body so carefully in a world filled with junk food?

Should athletes be considered role models?

Community work

Many sports stars had to come from nothing, so understand the value in supporting communities that don’t provide the best starts in life for some. Lots of athletes like to give back and dedicate both their time and resources to helping others. They know how impactful it can be on a young person’s life to receive a visit from a big star and impart some wisdom to the next generation. For this reason, many sports stars are not just considered role models, they already are.

Don’t idolize them

Not all sports stars have the mentality to considered role models, and some should not even come close to being thought of in that way. Lots of sports stars don’t have the discipline to stay at the top of their game, and once they make it to the big time, they lose all motivation. The money and pressure can be too much for some, and they begin to go off the rails.

Should athletes be considered role models?

Other sports stars have issues with the law and behave like rock stars. They live their lives being told they are the greatest and at some point along the way they begin to believe the hype. That means they begin to feel invincible and start acting out.
Children can watch the behavior of their favorite athletes, see them getting away seemingly with criminal activities without repercussions and believe it’s okay. Then the lack of sportsmanship shown by many during games and competition leads to children learning that behavior; just look at diving in soccer as an example.

Parents are role models

Some believe that parents, not sports stars, should be viewed as role models as those are the people heavily involved in their children’s lives. Athletes are people on the television while parents are there to lead their kids through life by setting an example for them each day. Due to athlete’s bad behavior, sports stars do not make good role models according to some.

Should athletes be considered role models?

On one hand, athletes should be admired for their hard work and determination, but equally, many bad behaving stars are why they shouldn’t be seen as heroes. There is nothing wrong with children idolizing sports stars, but trying to teach them some perspective when it comes to their behavior is important.

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