Top athletes that married A-List celebs

When we’re younger, we all have our own dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. For some, they want to save lives and become doctors (better them than us; our stomachs aren’t strong enough for that). Others want to be firemen (and slide down the fun fireman’s pole). There are other kids who want to grow up to become astronauts and explore the deepest depths of the universe (the space suit won’t go with our outfit). However, there are two professions that are even more common when it comes to childhood dreams. Nowadays, kids either want to become all-star athletes or A-List celebrities. Personally, we’d take either.

The celebrity world is full of actresses, basketball players, singers, football stars, TV personalities, hockey players, reality stars, professional golfers and more – and to be honest, it’s hard to keep on top of how many there really are (hint: there’s A LOT). Because of this, celebrities often keep their relationships inside the celebrity world. I mean, there’s enough of them to go around. Sure, this is a bit of a Debbie Downer for us non-celebrity folk who can only dream of hugging our celebrity crushes, but it’s kinda nice for them. We guess.
When it comes to celebrity relationships, though, it can get pretty boring if you’re stuck with someone in the same profession as you. I mean, Jay-Z and Beyonce make it work (because they’re not like normal celebrities. There’s something way more powerful and magical going on there) but most celebrities try and find their soul mate in other worlds of fame. So, singers and A-List celebrities often find love with sports stars – and athletes often find their home run with actresses and TV personalities. Because of this, the celeb world is overrun with athletes that have married A-List celebs, and we have to admit, it’s becoming a bit of a trend…
[post_page_title]Gerard Pique and Shakira [/post_page_title]
We know these guys have a good relationship… because Shakira’s hips don’t lie. Of course, this singing senorita just happened to find the hunkiest man in the world of sports, because that’s just how it works, right? The soccer center back met the singing sultress in 2010, after he appeared in her soccer anthem, ‘Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)’. Since then, their romance has been unstoppable and they have even welcomed two beautiful sons into the world.

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